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# SoniControl
SoniControl is a novel technology for the recognition and masking of acoustic tracking information. The technology helps end-users to protect their privacy. Technologies like Google Nearby and Silverpush build upon ultrasonic sounds to exchange information. More and more of our devices communicate via this inaudible communication channel. Every device with a microphone and a speaker is able to send and receive ultrasonic information. The user is usually not aware of this inaudible and hidden data transfer. To overcome this gap SoniControl detects ultrasonic activity, notifies the user and blocks the information on demand. Thereby, we want to raise the awareness for this novel technology.
The project website of the SoniControl project with all published results and resources can be found here: []( You can download the SoniControl app on the [Google Play Store](
## Getting Started
* The folder "SoniControl" contains the code for the Android SoniControl app.
* The folder "SoniControl_Octave" contains the prototypes developed during the SoniControl project using GNU Octave.
### Documentation
* User documentation available on our website: [](
* Developer documentation available on our website: [](
### Prerequisites
* The project was developed using Android Studio 3.
* In order to compile the project, you will need to download the [Superpowered SDK](, and link to it in the file (at the root of the Android Studio project)
e.g. : superpowered.dir=[some_path]/SuperpoweredSDK/Superpowered
* The first version is usable on devices running Android 4.1 and above.
## Credits
* Audio by [Superpowered](
* Material Icons, which are under [Apache License Version 2.0](
## Contributing
Please feel free to open Issues, submit Pull Requests, or just send us feedback at
### Open topics / Features to add
* Recognition of the detected signal
* Record the signal and play it back in the audible range
## Authors
See the list of [contributors]( who participated in this project.
## License
This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License - see the []( file for details. Please also see the [Superpowered license](
## Acknowledgments
* Project funded by [netidee](
* SoniControl is a project of the Institute for Creative\Media/Technologies [(IC\M/T)](, developed at Sankt Pölten University of Applied Sciences [(FHSTP)](
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