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# Q-CTF Announcements
- **NEXT Q-CTF: 12.01.2017 - 14.01.2017**
# Q-CTF Info
## What is "QCTF"
Q-CTF("Quake-Capture the Flag") was our definition of very first LAN-Party in the NWT-Labs, which was powered with our awesome gaming image. The "image" is basically a harddrive-image, which gets deployed on every NWT-lab computer(with an graphiccard) so that every student can come and play **without** having a gaming notebook/PC.
Until that day, we try to continue the tradtions of hosting a LAN-Party at least once in a university-term.
## Dates (WS2017/2018)
- 12.01.2017 - 14.01.2017
## What we will provide
- very basic supply of food/snacks
- some alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks
- an awesome gaming image (at least we try)
- all awesome games that should be on a awesome gaming image (see list)
## What you should provide/do
- good mood
- registration @ the advertised doodles, so that we can plan how many pc's and supplies we need
- maybe a bottle of **?** (sharing is caring)
- maybe a gaming pc (if you want to bring yours, be sure that you visit the install parties, as custom configuration @ the productive QCTF is very lame... for the hoster and for you)
### Games List
- CoD4
- WC3
- **...todo**
#### Game is not listed :( How can i add one?
Get in touch with the [team](#the-team-behind-q-ctf-big-thx) and we check if it's awesome enough for beeing added to the gaming image, then we we'll try to add it before the next Q-CTF :)
## The Team behind Q-CTF (big thx)
- φl (is171501, 141003)
- clemoo (is151014)
- firefly (is151005)
- **.... others (TODO: add)**
### HOWTO update this page:
- install/use Sublime w/ **Markdown preview** package
- install
- join ****
- export
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To the [wiki]( you go should :)
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