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[f] added link midpoint coordinates and RR data

parent 0e592828
......@@ -112,6 +112,36 @@ def load_inca_data(dir_inca: pathlib.Path) -> np.array:
return inca_data
def get_midpoint(lon_a: np.array, lat_a: np.array, lon_b: np.array, lat_b: np.array) -> np.array:
"""Calculcates the midpoint between two utm coordinate pairs
lon_a (np.array): Longitudes of point A
lat_a (np.array): Latitudes of point A
lon_b (np.array): Longitudes of point B
lat_b (np.array): Latitudes of point B
lon, lat (np.array): Vectors with longitudes and latitudes of the midpoints
# convert degrees to radians
lon_a, lat_a = np.radians(lon_a), np.radians(lat_a)
lon_b, lat_b = np.radians(lon_b), np.radians(lat_b)
# calculate midpoint
Bx = np.cos(lat_b) * np.cos(lon_b - lon_a)
By = np.cos(lat_b) * np.sin(lon_b - lon_a)
lon_mid = lon_a + np.arctan2(By, np.cos(lat_a) + Bx)
lat_mid = np.arctan2(
np.sin(lat_a) + np.sin(lat_b),
np.sqrt(np.square(np.cos(lat_a) + Bx) + np.square(By))
return np.degrees(lon_mid), np.degrees(lat_mid)
def get_distance(lon_a: np.array, lat_a: np.array, lon_b: np.array, lat_b: np.array) -> np.array:
"""Calculcates distance between two coordinates in km
using a rotation-ellipsoid in cartesian coordinates out of polar coordiantes
......@@ -348,6 +378,10 @@ def prep() -> None:
df_trans = df_trans.drop(['TEMP_LOC_TUPLE'], axis = 1)
# calculate midpoint of links
df_config['LONGITUDE_MID'], df_config['LATITUDE_MID'] = get_midpoint(df_config['LONGITUDE_A'], df_config['LATITUDE_A'], df_config['LONGITUDE_B'], df_config['LATITUDE_B'])
_log('Calculated midpoint of links')
# calculate LENGTH in km between links
df_config['LENGTH'] = get_distance(df_config['LONGITUDE_A'], df_config['LATITUDE_A'], df_config['LONGITUDE_B'], df_config['LATITUDE_B'])
_log('Calculated distances between sites using a WGS84 ellipsoid')
......@@ -385,29 +419,27 @@ def prep() -> None:
df_link['BEGINTIME'] = df_link['BEGINTIME'].dt.tz_localize('Europe/Vienna').dt.tz_convert('UTC').dt.tz_localize(None)
_log('Converted BEGINTIME to UTC')
# only use transmissions with begintime matching INCA date
date_inca = np.datetime64(f'{str(dir_inca.stem)[0:4]}-{str(dir_inca.stem)[-4:-2]}-{str(dir_inca.stem)[-2:]}')
df_link = df_link[df_link['BEGINTIME'] == date_inca]
_log('Filtered transmissions to match BEGINTIME with INCA date')
# copy REMOTERXLEVEL to PMIN and PMAX (for aggregation in 15min window conversion)
df_link['PMIN'] = df_link['REMOTERXLEVEL']
df_link['PMAX'] = df_link['REMOTERXLEVEL']
_log('Created PMIN and PMAX of REMOTERXLEVEL')
# convert 3min windows to 15min windows
group_cols = [df_link['BEGINTIME'].dt.floor('15Min'), 'RADIOLINKID']
agg_cols = {'TXLEVEL' : 'mean', 'REMOTERXLEVEL' : 'mean', 'PMIN' : 'min', 'PMAX' : 'max'}
df_link = df_link.groupby(group_cols).agg(agg_cols).reset_index()
_log('Converted 3min windows to 15min windows')
# convert BEGINTIME to RAINLINK format
df_link['BEGINTIME'] = df_link['BEGINTIME'].dt.strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M')
_log('Converted BEGINTIME to RAINLINK format "%Y%m%d%H%M"')
# build df with differences of sending and receiving levels
df_diff = df_link[['RADIOLINKID', 'TXLEVEL', 'REMOTERXLEVEL']].copy()
......@@ -443,6 +475,8 @@ def prep() -> None:
'LATITUDE_A' : 'YStart',
'LATITUDE_B' : 'YEnd',
'LENGTH' : 'PathLength',
'FREQUENCY' : 'Frequency',
......@@ -467,6 +501,7 @@ def prep() -> None:
# set INCA RR data based on datetime and coordinates
df_link['RRStart'] = get_inca_data(inca_data, df_link['DateTime'], df_link['XStart'], df_link['YStart'])
df_link['RREnd'] = get_inca_data(inca_data, df_link['DateTime'], df_link['XEnd'], df_link['YEnd'])
df_link['RRMid'] = get_inca_data(inca_data, df_link['DateTime'], df_link['XMid'], df_link['YMid'])
_log('Merged INCA RR data to LINK dataframe')
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