Commit a727cfd8 authored by Fabian Kovac's avatar Fabian Kovac
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[i] always odd number of INCA RR points (to always include the midpoint)

parent e5aaa29a
......@@ -301,8 +301,10 @@ def get_inca_data(datetimes: np.array, lon_a: np.array, lat_a: np.array, lon_b:
# define n INCA RR points for each km of link length
# --> min. points: 3 (start, mid and end) if length < 3km
# --> get odd amount of RR points to always include the middle of the link
n = np.round(lengths, decimals = 0).astype(int)
n = np.where(n < 3, 3, n)
n = np.where(n%2 == 0, n+1, n)
# set list for INCA RR data
inca_RR = []
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