Commit 6d26f250 authored by Fabian Kovac's avatar Fabian Kovac
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save clean files to new clean folder

parent 2fdebc92
......@@ -673,12 +673,12 @@ def prep() -> None:
_log('\n******************************** SAVE FILES ********************************')
# build path for clean config and transmissions destination files
dest_config = file_config.with_name(f'{file_config.stem}_clean{file_config.suffix}')
dest_trans = file_trans.with_name(f'{file_trans.stem}_clean{file_trans.suffix}')
dest_config = file_config.parent.parent / 'clean' / f'{file_config.stem}{file_config.suffix}'
dest_trans = file_trans.parent.parent / 'clean' / f'{file_trans.stem}{file_trans.suffix}'
# build path for clean link destination file (same folder, date and extension as transmissions file)
date = str(file_trans.stem).split('_')[-1]
dest_link = pathlib.Path(dest_trans.parents[0], f'LINK_{date}_clean{file_trans.suffix}')
dest_link = pathlib.Path(dest_trans.parents[0], f'LINK_{date}{file_trans.suffix}')
# save clean files
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